the act of burger p–p s-x.
bps is totally appropriate.
bad parent syndrome – when a child acts sh-tty and you realize it’s just because the parents never disciplined the kid.
amy: wow, did you see how sh-tty that kid behaved?
bob: yea, but it’s not his fault – he suffers from bps.
big p-ssy syndrome. when training gets hard, some people will push through, making them stronger. unfortunately, most people exhibit bps by finding reasons not to train hard. this is very common in cycling, as skinny roadies unaccustomed to actual muscle fatigue, will claim they are “over trained” and need a week off, rather than training hard and letting their bodies adapt to the new stress level.
tim: “i gave up squats because it made my legs too weak for cycling.”

quinn: “b.p.s.”

joe: “my schedule calls for a coffee ride today.”
quinn: “b.p.s.”

phil: “i’m a little fatigued from my seattle flight… gonna take it easy today.”
quinn: “b.p.s.”
acronym for black people sh-t; sh-t only black people do.
bashing whites, skin bleaching, raping children, rap, running, jail, thuggery, rape, accusing whites, anything illegal those b.p.s. are.
b.p.s. stands for blind parent syndrome. love is blind right? especially motherly (or fatherly) love.
parents with b.p.s. may display some of the following symptoms-
-think their child is sooo much better than they actually are.
-don’t understand why their child doens’t place 1st
-can’t understand why anyone would ever not like their child
-are confused when teachers, adults or even peers of their children have compaints about their child’s behavior

(also seeb.d.p.s.)
petunia and vernon dursley have terrible b.p.s. when it comes to dudley, their son. (from harry potter series)
bull. per. sh-t.,
the rating of how bullsh-t a statement is.
guy 1: dude i made out with melissa last night at the party
guy 2: yea right, you wish, thats about 500 b.p.s.
bipolar political syndrome
most politicians suffer from bps

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