an idiot, one who posts stupid social “experiments”.
i tried to buy an iphone off of craigslist, but it turns out the buyer was a total bradberry.
a word for doing something stupid or generally being mentally disabled

often -ssociated with social experiments (also known as a prank) which involve fear mongering or traumatizing people
1: i just bought an used iphone off of craigslist for $550
2: you’re such a bradberry
a bradberry (brad-berr-y) is a definition or, additional term for an idiot. or one who is considered stupid/of low intelligence.
(plural) bradberries. naming multiple, or a group of idiots, or a group of people who are stupid/of low intelligence.
the prank was created by a small group of bradberries.
the owner of the channel was a bradberry.

used to describe someone who is an idiot, a person of low intelligence.

became largely used as a synonym for people being stupid after youtube pranksters ethan and moe bradberry did a “social experiment” where they traumatized people and uploaded it on youtube.
“the person they pretended to kidnap got scared, even though they used fake knives. what a bradberry!”

“did you hear about the guys that pretended to kidnap people for a prank video? what a bunch of bradberries!”
when you immediately say something after someone else, only it’s several times louder. usually, the statement is related to the one before.
1. mentioning example
“do you remember that one time when 2 & 3 were in cl-ss, and 2 said the answer and 3 was gonna say the same thing, so pulled a bradberry “yeah that’s the one!” and then there was a long silence?”

2. during example
1: “have you got to the 2nd chapter of the campaign yet?”
2: “i’m actually at the 4th one, but what abo-”
3: “i just got the game today so i haven’t done anything yet!”
1: “……..that’s nice.”
singular word to describe a guys d-ck and b-lls
omg you could totally see his bradberry thru his bathing suit!

i just felt that guy’s bradberry when he was rubbing up against me!
#d-ck #b-lls #dude #c-ck #schl-ng #p-n-s #w-ng
n. a word describing male genitalia.
sara was puzzled when eric told her to grab his bradberry and suck it hard.
#d-ck #c-ck #b-lls #p-n-s #genitals
synonym for idiot. coined by ethan klein of h3h3productions.
what a bunch of bradberrys over here.

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