a braggadouche is a person who, through gratuitous and excessive bragging, becomes a douche-bag. “braggadocio” came from the word “braggadocio” plus “douche-bag”. hence braggadouche.
mark: hey look its gabriel again, all he ever talks about is his lawyer job, downtown condo and new mercedes.

moe: yeah, he is such a braggadouche!
a braggart and a douchebag: meant comically.
bret was a braggadouche because he bragged and he was a douche.
noun. a braggart, but one without the credibility to back up his or her claims. a braggadocio. lame boasting.
mike thinks he’s bad-ss because he took home the ugly chick at the bar. what a braggadouche.

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