brain fuck

to screw with someone’s head, by using deceit, taunting, and name-calling.

kevin just brain f-cked the sh-t out of you.
a very minimalist programming language, having a total of eight instructions. brainf-ck is turning complete. programs written in bf are necessarily obfuscated, as the entire set of commands are as follows: + – < > , .
h-llo world in brainf-ck:
++++++++++>+++++++>++++++++++>+++>+<<<<- >++.>+.+++++++..+++.>++.<<+++++++++++++++. >.+++.——.——–.>+.>.
1. verb: to f-ck with the mind/head, to toy with ones thoughts of reality; to cause a state of confusion and befuddlement.

2. noun: a brainf-ck — something that brainf-cks.

3. adj.: an object that possesses qualities or traits that brainf-ck.
1. man, hideaki anno brainf-cked me this time!

2. that brainf-ck of an anime will have me contemplaiting its meaning in my dark, dark room for days…

3. that evangelion movie sure was a brainf-cker, eh w-ng?
the condition usually experienced after regaining consciousness after tripping your b-lls off (using lsd) as your mind attempts to recover. symptoms include a feeling of general stupidity and the soreness one would -ssociate with having a large phallus shaped object repeatedly shoved into the depths of the cranium, no lube.
oh, brain f-ck.
after dropping that dose last night, my brain f-ck makes me feel as dumb as a f-cking rock.
20 hits of acid will cause a serious brain f-ck.
1. the point at which your brain is processing so much information that you feel so tired

so much so as if your brain is being f-cked/raped by information

2. the point of which something is too hard to comprehend
dude 1: dude, that test was so hard!

dude 2: i got brain f-cked.
to lie, deceive, manipulate, bullsh-t, con, to influence unfairly or unscrupulously, to control shrewdly.
my boyfriend will brainf-ck me, in attempts to clear his wrong doing.
form of;/ courting ritual generally used by professional/cranium loving people to entice the intellect (aka brain/largest erogonous zone).. necessary connection if one hopes to fornicate with the highest form of cromagnum man (woman)

male version_”dude that chick is hot,”yah but i dont have the energy to brain-f-ck her tonight”
female version “sister, he’s cute but he hasn’t brain- f-cked me yet”

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