a sh-tty town that likes to support it’s drug dealers, taunt authority figures, and has such a sh-tty downtown they filmed silent hill there. it’s also common to get robbed.
everybody in brantford smokes crizack
city in southern ontario, known for it’s high ratio of crime to population. this is largely due to a lack of employment, restless youth, crack addiction, and a lazy police force.

it holds (or at one time held) the record for car theft capital of canada (per capita, after the prarie provinces cracked down on their rampant car jackings), highest teen pregnancy rate in ontario, highest crime rate in canada per capita, and “best blooming city” for it’s flower displays (in which you can often find old burned spoons and needles)
i live in brantford, and i’m a degenerate hoodlum myself
the coolest town in all of canada. a place where you can learn to play guitar, go to the library, and buy crystal meth all on one street. the people are rude, the down town is a hole, and the high schools are breeding grounds for sl-ts. there’s only one bookstore and the mall is sh-t. there are more tim hortons than gas stations. the kids are selfish brats, and you can get mugged walking your dog. more people smoke pot here than in amsterdam. there are five high schools-no one counts tolgate-which are -ssumption, bci, north park, pj, and st. john’s.

the town has limited night spots, and these spots are trashy dumps. but still, brantford is the coolest place in canada. you have to live here to get it.
person one: give me your money.

person two: are you from brantford?

person one: how did you know?

person two: because you’re jumping me….and you’re a vodka obsessed crystal meth loving ford planter sl-t.

person one: you are correct. good day.
sh-ttiest high school in canada
boy, i f-ck-ng hate bci!

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