huge t-ts that beg to be fondeled. b–bs so big you wanna talk to them.
my g-d look at that set of branthums on her! those are amazing!

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  • brassed

    to be skint or have a lack of money i can’t afford that dope, i’m br-ssed!

  • brattypants

    a hot chick that a military guy wants but cannot bang i wanna bang brattypants but the hoe lives in ohio and i’m stationed in mexico.

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    the best boyfreind you could ever have oh and did i menchin hes hot,a great kisser,and good at many things!!!! i love braxton so much and hes the best coolest guy in the whole d-mned world. girls love to be beat by him. snap yo, that dude’s almost as awesome as “braxton” a handsome son […]

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    have a s-x with chick “come on boys let’s find some chicks and bread a schnitzel” dude may say to women “i would like to bread your schnitzel ” or women can say “would you like bread my schnitzel”

  • breakfast metal

    a genre of metal music reminiscent of doom and sludge, often times improvised and recorded on first take. breakfast metal bands usually have multiple vocalists and often times the musicians will change instruments from song to song. this genre was pioneered by -n-l whispersss in columbus, oh in a bas-m-nt near the ohio state university […]

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