a prost-tute,from the c-ckney slang br-ss nail,meaning tail,tail being a slang name for a prost-tute
i need a sh-g,might go and get myself a br-ss
in a section of west london, this means bad, useless, cr-p
“that film was br-ss” or “you are br-ss at tennis”
-ammunition casing.

-british terminology referring to negative quality.

-another term for “money”.

-synonym for “shoot”, used often by australian military terminology.

-powerful military commanders who, for example, call certain shots.
mom : “don’t forget to pick up the br-ss when you’re done shooting your garand, ok?”
me : “whatever. not like we have a reloading kit or something…”

limey : “that b-tch was br-ss mate!”

drug-dealer : “no br-ss, no deal. now get outta here.”

aussie : “ah’ll br-ss that b-tch up mate!”

lieutenant : “the operation was a success!”
colonel : “i noticed. i’m gonna bring it up with the br-ss later on. hope they accept the results though….you know how nervous and picky the br-ss can be.”
courage, also known as b-lls,
yo u just f-ckin jump’d a crook u got br-ss man
1)a word meaning bad/cr-p/sh-te

2)a word used to chow displeasure
1) you’re br-ss at that game you b-tch

2) “it costs £100000” “br-ss!”
the boss.


a military commander who has a lot of medals. or just medals and awards.
the br-ss is in town, shape up.

that boy got some br-ss b-lls.

look at the br-ss on him.
adjective which causes its subject noun to be looked on in an unfavourable light, to say something is bad
emile heskey is br-ss

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