breakfast boy

the ultimate f-ggot
thumb and waleed are the biggest f-cking breakfast boys

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  • a douche

    a group of bro’s. much like a murder of crows, or a gaggle of geese. a grouping of 4 or more bro’s is known as a douche. i was at a party last night when a douche of bro’s walked in and the entire place reeked of axe bodyspray

  • jwup

    just woke up good morning! jwup! i had fun last night.

  • youthenism

    oliver: “something the youth would interpret differently than the older crowd.” k: “do you want a jaffacake?” – o: “is that a youthenism? “

  • manahawkin manhole cover

    right after your -ss f-cking someone you pull your d-ck out and lay your b-lls on their gapping -sshole. mark came home to manahawkin opened the door to find the manahawkin manhole cover happening in his bedroom right when his friend was covering his girlfriends -ss with his b-lls

  • sommerthere

    hillbilly slang of two words combined: some and there. meaning parts of it are there. she has sommerthere teeth…some are missing some are there

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