he is a very intelligent guy, who keeps his priorities straight and is extremely well rounded. not only is he smart, but he is athletic, handsome, s-xy, funny, and a great guy to hang out around. trust me his somewhat klutzy personality can be funny when he plays the role/ he can often be very dramatic, in the good way. he is one of those guys that you can just share about anything with. he instantly just gains your trust. he is very reliable. breayan will always be there for a friend, no matter what the conditions. breayan is very creative and loves to contribute ideas. he has dreams of changing the world, and making it a better place for all to live. he is always true to who he is. he is a natural born leader, who can lead a group of people yet still have time for each individual. only the lucky girls will get to be in a relationship with this guy, but anyone can be his friend.
i’m so lucky i have a breayan

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