a morbidly obese, extremely unattractive, s-xually overactive without standard, uneducated female with horrible hygiene, who in every way embodies ignorance, ugliness, and putresence.
“jesus christ, i’m telling you bob, the bremmello that lives in thattrailer over there is nastier than a dumpster filled with puss and rotten seafood.

“dude, this half ton bremmello about ran me over with her hover-round at walmart today. ”

hey lieutenantsean, my friend just got out of jail and hasn’t had s-x with a woman in 17 years, he needs to get laid right now; do you know how to get ahold of that nasty bremmello stephanie? you know, that beast of a woman who used to f-ck all her son friends from the trailer park?

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    a neurological condition found in academic professors with tenure. the lack of intellectual challenge, combined with ~100% job security after receiving tenure, causes their mental faculties to dwindle to the point where they become mentally challenged. “dr. -sshat has a horrible case of tenure rot – he asked me if spinach was a plant yesterday.”

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