brendan is a nice, funny, cool, guy . he can be a cheater and a jerk. he’s a player and dates many girls. a brendan relationships are short and he’ll leave a girl heart broken. he’s great a sports! he usually is tall and hairy. he is good looking. he’ll have a few problems with his teenage p-b-rty. he’ll have lots of acme and hairy places. a brendan adult years are great and successful! a brendan is a good guy at the end!
her: i want to date him, but he’s a player and it won’t last long. however he is cute

him: we’ll he’s a brendan, what do u expect!
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a very s-xually active person that is always smoking marijuana. his d-ck tends to be larger than most and that is the reason he is s-xually active a lot. people look at a brendan and wish they were him. his looks, courtesy and of course, his s-x drive is the reason that women just want to make love with him.

can also mean somebody with the above traits.
girl 1: oh my god! is that brendan?
girl 2: i hope so…i really want his love stick inside of me
girl 1: no he’s mine
girl 2: he’s mine
girl 3: he’s mine!

guy 1: look at that brendan.
guy 2: f-ck him dude. just because his d-ck is larger than ours it means we don’t get chicks.
guy 1: i wish i was him.
guy 2: ewww you f-g.
-guy 1 walks away-
guy 2: yeaaa…. i actually wish i was him
the most gorgeous guy in the universe! every girl wishes they could have him, and every guy wishes he could be him. he has amazing hair that all the other guys in school wish they could pull off. not only is he amazingly gorgeous but he is also the sweetest guy you could ever meet. he isn’t conceited but he’s obviously gorgeous.he loves techno and rock, he has a great sense of style. he makes everyone happy when they are around
him and you’re lucky if you know him!
guy 1: “i wish i could be more like brendan!”
guy 2: “i knoww! i would totally s-x him up and im not even gay!”
guy 1: “meee toooo”

girl 1: “i love brendan! he is so gorgeous!”
girl 2: “i love brendan too! he’s amazing!!”
girl 3: “i wish brendan wasn’t so intimidating!”
girl 4: “everyone loves brendan! :)”
brendan is a hiberno-english derivative of the irish name bréanainn, a hibernicisation from the brythonic “brenhin” -king.citation needed the anglicism has been re-hibernicised as breandan. another form is brandon which is often used in english-speaking countries, but is far less superior. people with this name:

– saint brendan of clonfert, an irish monastic saint
o saint brendan’s irish cream liqueur
– saint brendan of birr, abbot of birr in co. offaly, contemperaneous with the above.
– brendan adamson, an american composer
– brendan airways, parent company of usa 3000 airlines.
– brendan baughn, a leader of a historic society
– brendan behan, an irish writer
– brendan benson, a detroit-area musician
– brendan bracken, a british cabinet member
– brendan fraser, a canadian-american actor
– brendan gleeson, an irish actor
– brendan haywood, a professional basketball player in the nba
– brendan morrison, a professional canadian ice hockey player
– brendan nelson, the australian defence minister
– brendan and the secret of kells, an animated feature film due for release in 2007
– brendan shanahan, a professional hockey player in the nhl
the extremely smart and good looking man’s name is brendan.
an adjective used to describe everything that is indescribable about something, usually in a positive sense.
this water is cool, refreshing, and very brendan.
what tom cruise called his p-n-s.
tom cruise- “come here brendan i wanna make you throw up in this damp cave.”
the most amazing man ever!!! drives women wild….the girl that gets him is a lucky one indeed. his exes are obsessed with him and his current girlfriend is mad hot…as she has to be to be with him
mike: dude i wish i was brendan…he has it all.
originally an ancient celtic name, brendan was often the name given to several “warrior-gods” who had unrivaled female attention as well as several slayed dragons to their name. as the celts broke out of the isolated british isles, brendan became a popular name in the roman empire. at the height of its popularity brendan was the third most popular name in the empire behind constantine and julius. the name today is given to young boys who are seen to have unrivaled charm as well as a well-endowed body.
see how the women flock to him, his name must be brendan

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