a code word for describing a s-xual encounter you have had
‘i had an amazing brew last night’
can be used when referring to having a beer.
also may be in reference to smoking weed.
also less urbanly used in england to describe having a cup of tea.
“can you p-ss me a cold brew?”
“let’s go home for a brew.”
“would you like to come in for a brew?”
abbreviated form of the word brewskis, meaning beer.
ayo, where the brews at?
one of the thousands of uk terms for tea.
make us a brew love, i’m parched.
the term “brew” can refer to a friend, much like brother, man, dude and homie. this is not commonly used when referring to a person outside of their immediate presence, only when you are having a direct conversation with the person.
talk to you later brew
a total f-g-bro. a bromo, if you will. (h-m-+bro). the type of man who wears neon clothing and lots of plaid. wakeboards more than they should, makes sure everyone knows it, and usually isn’t very good at it. loves the lake and acting like a total toooooool!
guy 1: “hey, i’ve seen that kid on the lake before, boarding it up, wearing neon shorts. is he cool?”
guy 2: “naw man he’s a total brew, don’t even talk to him.”
another way to say bro
tom: what’s good brew?
steve: nothin much, brew.
a man who used to be cl-ssified as a bro in his youth, but is now old.
a middle-aged or older man who still wears his old college jersey, drinks out of red plastic cups, and recounts stories from his wild party days as if he were still living them, is a brew.

not cool.

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