is the grottiest sket you will ever meet, tends to hang around street corners and bark at school children.
she’s acting briady

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  • kind of yeah

    means exactly what is said, although more often than not said with sarcasm dripping off of it, because the answer is so freakin obvious. person 1: so 2+2=4 person 2: kind of yeahh…

  • Atlantic Shity

    a derogatory way of referring to atlantic city due to the ghetto like condition it is in. where’s that at again? atlantic sh-ty

  • Bounked Out

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  • shark aids

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  • Pussy Man Van

    usually an extremely attractive teenage boy exceeding all expectations. probably the best type of guy for a girl and the name says it all. the p-ssy literally crawls to him… most boys envy him because the attention is drawn to him. the word van itself literally translates into a s-x master. girls want a p-ssy […]

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