square, boring, dull.
if i don’t sneak out tonight to the party, my friends will think i’m brik.
1- (noun) someone lacking a brain. usually caused by dropping a brick on their head. someone with no common sense.

2- (adjective) an action falling very short from making sense or being intelligent. a regrettable mistake not well thought out usually resulting in injury, arrest or other long term negative consequences.
1- wayne: “i dare you to jump off this bridge into that can of dirty syringes!”
mitch: “okay”
wayne: “haha you stupid f-cker i knew you would do it you are a total f-cking brik!”

2- sean: “mitch why weren’t you at the party last night?”
mitch: “i got a dwi.”
sean: “wow, that’s f-cking brik!”

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