a way to describe someone’s awesomeness
avni mohindra, yea she is a brilliant youtuber.
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a term the british use to describe everything.
i’s brilliant in’t it? right, yah, bl–dy brilliant. wha’ is? oh, yah, right, brilliant. bl–dy brillant.
an outstanding performance, concept, or product
those burgers were simply brilliant!!!
a word which in the past meant that something was exceptionally good, or to express great pleasure:

its strength has been eroded by overuse, and it can now be used to respond to any mildly pleasing news. somehow the extreme unctuousness and insincerity of this tends to go unrecognized or is an occasion for the self-gratifying feeling that one is being tolerant.
in the olden days:

smith-“everyone has the day off tomorrow!”


waiter: “are you ready to order?”
customer: “err, yes…”
waiter: “brilliant!!!”
the word used by arthur shappey in john finnemore’s, cabin pressure to describe everything that isn’t his father.
“polar bears, are brilliant”

alternatively, in regards to gordon shappey:

arthur: he’s ah– he’s ahh– he’s alright.
martin: oh god he must be aweful!
a way to describe someone’s awesomeness
e.g. tara is the most brilliant person i have ever met
adjective with shared origins and formal definitions with “bright” but with geographically varied differences in colloquial use:

a. united states: intelligent, particularly in innovative or unique ways. often used sarcastically for shining examples of outstanding and innovative stupidity.

b. britain: of very high quality in any way, in a manner or circ-mstance where that quality stands out.

c. canada, australia, and new zealand: predominantly used in the sarcastic mode of the us sense.
us(direct): the marketing of sage as a recreational drug by calling it ‘sticky purple salvia’ was brilliant.

us(sarcastic): rick santorum is brilliant to answer questions about contraception.

uk: the doctor frequently says ‘you’re brilliant!” to people who have no idea why.

canada: with p.m. harper’s party leading an unstable minority government, his strategy of looking to george bush as a role model is brilliant.

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