British Brunch

a sequence of s-xual events in this order, 1. -n-l s-x (with a girl) 2. oral s-x (given by girl) 3. girl then tries to make out with you. ewww
“yo this chick tried to british brunch me last night but i told her im allergic to my own sh-t.”

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  • british racing green

    the bad-ss dark green color that old british race cars were painted in the ’60s you see that british racing green jag? it was almost black

  • briznocks

    a woman who holds back on s-xual desires, and has multiple s-xual fetishes. she was sucha briznocks that i didn’t even score!

  • broccountability

    a bond formed between bros; often realized when one bro says, “i’ve got your back bro”. broccountabilty is often found in gyms where bro’s scultp together. ryan: man i just love all the gruntswellin’ weve been doing lately. ben: yeah bra, the broccountability is off the chain.

  • broceritops

    i giant bro that is bigger than the rest, dinosaur-like bro bro 1: bro did you see that broceritops over there?! bro 2: yeah that guy towers over everyone, don’t wanna mess with him.

  • brodonna

    when a bro complains or b-tch-s so much that he becomes a diva. guy who b-tch-s about all the single ladies. “this cl-ss sucks so much” “stop b-tch-ng man its almost over you being a brodonna”

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