a b-tch who has -d cup t-ts and whose booty makes asian girls look good.
my boyfriend broke up with me bc he said i look like a brittany
brittany: a girl usually born in american in the 80’s or 90’s. brittany’s are very attractive, popular, and have good hearts. everyone wishes to be as cool as the brittany’s and are jealous when they can’t compare. sometimes brittany’s are a little blonde, but it’s simply because they love life and laughing, and enjoy seeing other people laugh as well. brittanys are usually envied by less popular people. brittanys can be insecure but they shouldn’t be, people try to bring them down but brittanys will always end up winning…they need to realize how wonderful they are. guys are intimidated to ask them out just because brittanys are so unique and awesome.
brittany = popular, outgoing, loved by all, sometimes teased out of jealousy, loved by adults, kids love them too, smart, & funny.
“wow, i wish i could date a brittany.”

“sorry man, she’s way out of your league.”
the best sister in the world. she is amazing, and funny. shes a beutiful person inside and out. she has such pretty eyes and an amazing smile. she can be a bit shy around people at first but when she gets to know you she opens up and is so much fun to be around. if you dont like her then your lame.
brittany is amazing
one of the 6 celtic nations the others being
cornwall kernow
ireland eire
isle of man mannin
wales cymru
unfortunately it is more commonly known as a girls name especially in america ,often misspelled as britney

brittany is located in north western france
the breton language is closely related to welsh and cornish

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