Bro Legit

something that involves the usual bros and is very legit.
that kegger last night was bro legit!

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  • bromission

    a conjunction of ‘bro’ and ‘mission,’ usually in reference to a mission of bros (e.g., a road trip). subtext is similar to the portmanteau ‘bromance.’ “hey hermano, let’s go on a bromission to redmond.” “roger that. i’ll pick you up in 5, hermano out.” when you (male) ask your guy friend for permission to hook […]

  • bromodo dragon

    another word for your bro. similar to broski, broseph, brostpher, etc. bro 1- “alright bro i’ll catch you later!” bro2- “yeah bromodo dragon, catch ya on the flip-side!”

  • brooklyn dark

    alternate name for brooklyn park, mn. it implies that the population make up of the city is predominantly african american, or is perceived to be predominantly african american. q: where are you heading out to? a: we’re going to brooklyn dark.

  • broomburn

    the chafing on the upper inside of the thighs caused by prolonged periods of playing quidditch. we nearly beat slytherin until harry’s broomburn played up and malfoy caught the snitch.

  • brope

    the s-xy pairing of hope whitlock and bryan foster in the magic returns. they used to be friends who bickered like an old married couple until bryan got da-runk and they kissed ~ now hope is p-ss-d but they really are in love and they make babies the size of trees. hope: bryan, i…i don’t […]

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