the green stuff you never wanted to eat.
eat your brocoli timmy, it will make you big and strong like hulk hogan.

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  • buddy discount

    when you knock the price off something your selling to a good friend i was selling my old ford for $5000 but gave chad a 2 grand buddy discount cuz i’ve known him since middle school

  • Cactua

    a triple ended, thick spiked p-n-s, resembling that of a cactus. “i hope his cactua penetrates you in both places and stabs you simultaneously.” via giphy

  • cake squad

    a group of people who are superior to others. they often find they’re the smartest and best looking people when around other squads. girl 1: did you see him? he’s so hot girl 2: yeah, he’s totally in the cake squad

  • camera hog

    a person or animal that likes to be in the center of pictures always wanting to be in pics my. dog is. always. wanting to be in the front of the camera he is such a camera hog

  • canny bus

    an innuendo for cannabis/marijuana disguised to avoid narcs. jose: i like the canny bus. it gives me the ride of my life. suspicious stupid narc: wtf is that?!!! jose: only something you will never know.

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