a commitment a bro makes to spend time with his fellow bros. even if it means creating the most ridiculous of alibis to get out of prior responsibilities.
my family expected me to attend my grandma’s 96th birthday party but i had a bromitment to fulfill.

1. a pledge or promise made to spend time with a group of male friends in the form of a duty.
2. a sacrifice of romantic or familial duties made by a man in order to respect his friendship duties with group of male friends.

provenance/origin: “bromitment” is a portmanteau of the two words “brother” and “commitment”. new zealand director chris graham coined the term on the set of sione’s wedding in 2006. sione’s wedding was a film celebrating a polynesian wedding and lifestyle in a new zealand context. graham used the term on the set to remind cast members to make time for their mates regardless of other familial or romantic commitments. pepsi later employed the term in 2011 in a new zealand-based campaign.
steve’s girlfriend: “steve, i need you to come to my sister’s baby shower tomorrow”.

steve: “sorry babe, i can’t. i said i’d go to the drags with jono, sam and rob”.

steve’s girlfriend: “you have to come. it’s for my future niece”.

steve: “can’t sorry. i’ve made a bromitment”.

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