uncontrollable fapping and/or flailing.
my boyfriend was fapping viciously and brotoning last night.

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  • flashlighting

    when a girl is flaunting her large br–sts in a club or bar, a sad man turns the flashlight on his phone and shines it on her protruding cleavage. man that b-tch is flaunting her huge t-tties, time for a flashlighting! -og

  • taycos

    f-cking northern people trying to say tacos i would like 2 beef taycos

  • oblivious to the internet

    not knowing of popular or growing trends/memes on the internet. “johnny is so oblivious to the internet! he doesn’t even know what dat boi is!”

  • pound ground

    to get on your harley davidson and ride. yoo what are you up to today? want to go pound ground?

  • sh*tting chords

    when your p–p comes out in three pieces – all slightly increasing sizes, with the quantify representing the three ascending frequencies of a musical chord. alternate definition – when making a loud p–p, your farts are so fast and furious they overlap three times to produce a musical chord. i had some funky tacos yesterday […]

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