brown baggin it

a term to describe someone drinking an alcoholic beverage from a can/bottle/container while its still in the brown bag from when it was purchased.

often used in cities to attempt to hide the fact that one is actually drinking alcohol…. as if anyone who witnessed this wouldnt know.
we were sitting in the park brown baggin it. man, did we get f-cked up!!

person#1: you were drinking right downtown?
person#2: yup
person#1: how did you get away with it?
person#2: i was brown baggin it, man!!

did you see that b-m on the street?? he was totally brown baggin it!!
a b-st-rdization of the word lunchin, which then formed the term lunchbox to describe an individual who is lunchin hard. it was then evolved into the “brown bag” (as one may use as a vessel for lunch). if you are brown-baggin it, you are trippin out, acting stupid, wayy too high for your own good, idiotically smashed; a drunken fool.
k: for sheazy, you are crazy my bizzle.
m: i’m brown baggin it, forsh-ganoff!
when a sl-t is to f-ck-ng ugly to look at during s-x….you place the brown bag over her head….then draw a prettier face on the bag…..
can u wear this bag, cuz its prettier than you are, and i dont mind brown baggin it.

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