Brown Cap

to brown cap is to accidentally p–p while attempting to break wind. the term generally refers to a sold t-rd as opposed to wet sh-t (see loose p–pies, i.e. shart), that results from an over exerted attempt to fart. it can also reference an ‘almost’ t-rd beginning to be released while pushing a difficult fart, that’s allowed to slip back into the -n-s.
d-mn, i was digesting that t-bone an hour after dinner on the way to the mozart festival. i lifted my left cheek, figuring my date wouldn’t notice a crisp one, considering the road noise. to my surprise, i started to brown cap and almost lost control of the car. once there, i double checked my boxers for tell-tale skid marks.
to have -n-l s-x without a condom, withdraw and let the chick lick the poo off your d-ck.
“dude i gave this chick a brown cap last night”
“your a beast man”

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