an east indian person
that was her brown boyfriend sanjay
1.) a person with brown skin. sumtimes south asian(indian – like moi)
2.) famous mainly b/c of the ups add. “what can brown do for you?” (ma personal motto)
i was made in india, therefore i am brown.
the people, or anything pertaining to those of south asian/middle eastern decent.

because of the many countries that litter south asia and the middle east, the term ‘brown’ is used in teenage circles as a blanket term. (one thing in common of people of these origin is their brownish-reddish-tan skin.)

not a racial slur. (in most cases)
“that kid isn’t spanish–he’s brown.”
“i’m going to the mall with all my brown friends.”
slang term for black tar heroin.
what can brown do for you- ups commercial adapted for junkies ode to heroin.
“brown” can mean quite a few things in the world of ween. but for now, we’ll just say it represents something that is fairly bodacious.
did you hear that new ween alb-m? it’s totally brown.
an ivy leage university in the us.
i was planning on going to brown but changed my mind and went to princeton.
1) a color.
2) one of middle eastern or southwest asian descent.
“yo gianfranco, you’re so brown”

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