Brownie Blast

this is when a person needs to sh-t so they completely remove their pants and underwear. then they shove a water hose into their b-tthole and turn it on to fill their r-ct-m with as much water as possible. they finally bend and push out the water shooting the sh-t like a mini missile. this is used for self enjoyment, onto a victim (prank), or as a s-xual act.
1. i felt a mean t-rd pushing through so i ran to the water hose and did a brownie blast.

2. last weekend was great. i can’t believe you brownie blasted chang while he was sleeping!

3. my wife keeps getting kinkier and kinkier. last night she wanted me to brownie blast her face.
a person brown enough to resemble brownies.
nathan is also known as brownie blast

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