a woman of unothodox cl-ss. able to sip on wine gl-sses with the rich folks but then sits in her old pjs and drinks orange juice out of the carton. tends to have a very supportive family. does not settle for second best. has an unquenchable thirst for learning and will more than likely find the cure to cancer or save the planet. a good freind and a great sister. will have an award named after her sometime in the near future.
i dont care who won the n-bel prize, i wanna know whos up for the bryne award.

did you see that bryne over there dipping cheetos in her $10 starbucks?
one of a kind males name, a kind caring sole who has a heart of gold.mild temper but not to be mistaken as weak because can open a can of whoop–ss on you quick.. anyone could be so lucky to have this person in there presence. he is awsome.
i wish i could be like bryne he is so awsome..he’s a one of a kind dude.
kind of crazy, lots of fun, scatterbrained, hippy-ish, and has a heart of gold!
that was such a bryne move!

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