Brynn Hartman

brynn hartman (april 11, 1958 – may 28, 1998) was the wife and eventual murderer of actor phil hartman. she grew up in thief river falls, minnesota. her birth name was vicki omdahl.
minor acting career
hartman acted in small roles on television and film, playing a waitress in the elijah wood film north and a venusian on 3rd rock from the sun. she met her husband, actor phil hartman, while working as a catalina swimsuit model. she can also be seen during the early 1990s opening credit sequence of sat-rday night live, having dinner with hartman. at the time, phil’s career was near its highest point.
in 1998, she shot and killed her husband, phil hartman, then committed suicide using a different gun.
phil hartman’s divorce attorney, steven small, stated in a cnn article that brynn’s anger management problems may have contributed to the bl–dy murder-suicide. according to a 1998 people online article, brynn’s alcoholism and addiction to cocaine also contributed. each was unhappy and accused the other of not allowing a divorce.
according to an article on, brynn combined cocaine, drinking, and zoloft at the hollywood restaurant, buca di beppo. small stated that the couple had an argument concerning brynn’s drug addiction and the impending divorce when she returned home, according to an article in peopleonline.
around 2am or 3am, she shot phil twice in the head while he slept. after shooting phil, she drove to her friend ron douglas’s house. she confessed the crime to him, but he did not believe her. at 6:20am, she drove back to her house with douglas, who called 911. as the police arrived on the scene to escort their children, sean hartman and birgen hartman, out of the house, and before they could reach her, she went to the bedroom where phil’s body lay, shot herself in the head, and died.
brynn hartman 1958-1998

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