likes to f-ck b-tchs and wh-r- around
everyone wants to be a brywh-r-

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    used when describing a female who is eager to have s-x with any man she comes in contact with. man, barbara has really turned in to a free range c-ck gobbler lately. or two guys sitting at a bar see a sl-ty chick walk in. man 1 turns to man 2 and says: free range […]

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  • movate

    to get up and go. to get going. we need to movate so we won’t be late.

  • booty hours

    the times that your body wakes you up for s-x. i woke up at 12:00am and 4:00am because it was booty hours

  • microblading

    there aren’t any definitions for microblading yet. can you define it?

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