Bubble Town

a town/city that is not affected by almost anything else happening in the world. also midland, mi.
jonesy: you people are, like, obsessed with the ghetto or something!!! ha ha!
tobey2hot: thats bcuz we live in a bubble town!
db rachael: a bubbletown?
tobey2hot: {see def. above}
db rachael: oh. {guffaws hysterically}
{others laugh}
1. a town which is seperated, segregated, and cut off from the outside world. usually a small town where very few events of interest occur. a sheltered and niave place to live, where youth can’t understand the cruelty of the real world because they’re too sheltered by their protective bubble.
2. a metaphorical state, where the person lives a sheltered and niave life, sperated, segregated, or cut off from reality.
3. the nickname given to my hometown
1. g-d, nothing every happens here. we live in such a bubble town.
2. look at that nerd, she has no idea about anything. she lives in her own little bubble town.
3. i literally live in bubble town. yaaay. >.>;;;

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