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  • underminiac

    noun. a word blend of undermine and maniac. depicts someone who cannot help them self from making undermining comments. as with kleptomania the underminiac is largely unconscious of this behavior even though it might seem like they take s-d-stic gratification from it. their victims are often left realizing how badly they were trashed for days […]

  • aalaysha

    pretty,smart loving girls who intentions are to have fun and joke around but don’t contradict even though they can be sweet and hilarious at times,they have a sour side that will tear anyone and anything down aalaysha is always having fun but yesterday she tried to fight me because i looked at her sideways

  • catheryne

    the sweetest and kindest girl you could ever possible meet. she’s shy but once you get to know her she can be a great friend for the rest of your life. if you are the luckiest man on earth and manage to date a catheryne then you must never let her go, as she is […]

  • pongulating

    doing something easily with little or no effort. that shot was pongulating by the point guard the fourth science, the final frontier, yadda yadda yadda. it’s great stuff, originated in use by microwave scientists, but now in general use for anything. 1. 1. “don’t let the sweetcorn pongulate too hard”- mum 2. “dude i pongulated […]

  • inhumanity

    losing all mercy,care, and hope for the world and look at everything as dark and logical. how could you?! wheres your humanity?! i don’t have humanity. i have inhumanity!

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