the process of making a long word with the suffix bone after it
my favorite bucklow is scapocaplacticalbone

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  • buck plucking

    when a yankee female moves from up north to the deep south to find her a big, strong, southern man. natalie wanted to get far away from her p-ss-fied yankee boyfriend and moved to greenville, alabama to go buck plucking.

  • buddy bl*w j*b

    when two straight male friends are bored and one gives the other a bl-w j-b bob: hey dude i am so bored joe: ya me too bob:want me to give you a buddy bl-w j-b? joe: sure man

  • budro

    very similar to ese, the spanish word for friend or homey. yo budro, wh-ssup master j.

  • buffalo fart

    the stale, sour smoke left in a bong chamber from an unfinished hit. a stoner faux pas, p-ssing a bong containing a buffalo fart is akin to farting in a full elevator. also used in the southern us to describe the rank smell of a burning marijuana seed. failing to remove all the seeds is […]

  • buffet king

    a fat guy who like buffets and steals all the food blue man:look at that fat guy red man:yeah the buffet king buffet king:so what im fat red and blue man:lolololol

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