1. used by the pizza guy in tenacious d and the pick of destiny, meaning kick -ss, or f-cking amazing.
1. that six foot long shotgun is budazz

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  • Bully-Boo

    a jack-ss who lives with hobos khao is a hobo

  • bumboozle

    alcohol fit for the lips of the cheapest of cheap – college students and the garden variety “b-m.” joe college: “hey, mac, go pick us up some b-mboozle for tonight.”

  • bum chum

    an overly friendly humanoid of the masculine variety with a preference for other males. they like to spend their time investigating cracks and crevices. favourite games include hide the sausage and where’s the salami. often answers to the name jimmy, james, jimbo or jimbob. chrissy: b-mchumsaywhat? jimbob: whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt???? an english word for a gay person. […]

  • Bumloader

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  • Bum Garden

    a distinct patch of hair growing around the lower back above the bottom. why don’t you wax your b-m garden.

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