bootie d-ck and p-ssy
god d-mn, it spells like budussie in here. someone must of just had s-x in here.

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  • shadiyah

    a loser. you’re such a shadiyah.

  • sand fight

    the art of grabbing sand and throwing it at someones face or shoving it down their pants. if your at a family gathering down by the lake and you hear your younger cousin yell “sand fight!” you will probably be filled with the urge to knock the b-st-rd out. “hey guys lets have a sand […]

  • bimale

    a person with 2 p-n-ses based on a disease called diphallia. bobs friends never knew he was a bimale.

  • rizz riff

    a marijuana hit that makes you cough till you gag. that last hit i took was the rizz riff.

  • uki uki waku waku

    j-panese ways to mean “excited” i get so “uki uki waku waku” when i see mei!

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