the name of a high quality czech beer brewed in ceske budejovice (formerly budweis), that subsequently had it’s name f-cking jack moved by p-ss water loving american red necks who turned this once primo brand into one of the worlds most effective displays of brewing incompetence. enjoyed by millions nascar enthusiast across the country.
bra, pick up some budweiser. i can drink like f-cking 12 of those and still be sober. sh-t, i may even get it up while banging my cousin. of course, only after watching dale earnhardt drive in circles.
1. beer of czech origin, aka budvar. characterized by full, rich flavor and generally pleasurable drinking experience.
2. beer of american origin. gives drinker the impression of having received a golden shower in his mouth.
as the bartender poured out the american budweiser into my gl-ss, i couldn’t help but feel like a doctor receiving a urine sample from a patient.
carbonated urine! oh-boy!
is this horse p-ss or budweiser?
1. bland, flavorless alcohol delivery system that sells because of advertising. see also zima , wonder bread , and hamburger helper
don’t tell me how good my beer is, okay? i know how good my beer is, because i’m the one who buys it, okay? when bonnie goes to the store to buy beer, she buys budweiser. when i drink my beer i want to taste it.
princes of beer. weakest d-mn beer in the world! drunken by paper -ssholes althrough the us.
“i’m out of b-tt wipe, i’ll just have the weiser.”
” frankly over here we find that you budweiser beer is a little like making love in a canoe.

it’s f-cking close to water. ”
lets drink some water with beer taste, lets drink budweiser!
(n) commonly used by mexicans or any latin origin as a slurred version of “but why is her”.
(mexican voice) hey man, i like her body budweiser face so ugly?

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