more then buff, less then muscular.
he’s so buffscular

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  • buggaopalis

    a child that has no manners, snotty att-tude, and thinks the world revolves around them. you are a buggaopalis. ie connor, patrick, and mary grace

  • Youke

    (yu-k); verb; to youke (youked, youkes, youker) when a man -j-c-l-t-s prematurely. orgin: a female friend met boston redsox 1st baseman kevin youkilis in a bar. they hit it off and went back to her place. the night, however, didn’t end well on account of his early finish. “how was fred last night?” “not much […]

  • you keep goinn

    a nother way of saying n-gg- stop. see see see you keep goinn n-gg- mad anoyin ima clup you… and ur gonna keep goin iight bet.

  • get you

    f-ck you; f-ck off and die. what! you don’t want to go skate? man get you! just get you.

  • bumwaffle

    a b-mwaffle is a usless person who acts like they know everything!!!! b-mwaffle people also like crumpets. girl: did you see tiffany talking to brian about hoovers? girl 2 : oh my god she was such a b-mwaffle! girl: i know she told me she hates hoovers! girl 2 : she has no b–bs also!

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