1) an abbreviation for buffy the vampire slayer, a tv show that ran for seven years and was pretty d-mn good
2) valley girl who shops and usually has blond hair
3) a hottie
4) a chick who can kick an infinite amount of -ss
1) dude, buffy’s on.
2) “can we just beat these buffy’s down so i can go home?”
3) “that girl’s so hot, she’s buffy.”
4) greek p-ssed me off so much that i had to go all buffy on him.
the best show to be on tv since, well ever. witty dialouge, hot guys, great story, and kick -ss fights. did i say hot guys?
i had my friends watch buffy, and now she is hooked b/c that show kicks -ss
the latest in a long line of slayers…
buffy is the coolest person ever to exsist
only the best show to ever exist. a show with kick-ss girls, hot vampires, great dialouge, and several apocalypses.
i’m gonna go buffy on your -ss!
only the greatest show ever to be created.
1. created by the oh wonderful joss whedon
2. has a b-tt kicking heroine
3. has great characters and greater dialouge

was on for seven years but the “r-t-rded channel” also known as “the wb” canceled it.
“shes so hot, shes buffy”
just who we need to end the d-mn twilight fad.
buffy is hardcore.
1) a generally kick-b-tt show about a girl who kills vampires, her friends, sister, and one hot bleach-blonde vampire.

2) a girl who can fend for herself. might be good (like when she’s being picked on) or bad (like when she’s just full of sh-t)
oh, opal, don’t be such a buffy!

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