otherwise known as a shopping cart; used at the grocery store to place food and other items for purchase
“scooo me? escoooo me? please move your m-f- buggy so i can put my food down.”
the collective noun for clowns.
a buggy of clowns.
a southern u.s. term for a shopping cart used at a grocery store.
how do i always pick the buggy with the f-cked up wheels?
adj. – something that is annoying, obnoxious, frustrating, or irritating to an alarming degree; most effectively used simply as an exclamation.
– “steve irwin was killed by a sting ray.”
– “buggy!”
an item, typically a computer program, with numerous errors that may prevent or hinder a part of said program.
the program crashes whenever i close it: it must be buggy.
term 1. vulnerable, youth, baby, “ethereal”.
term 2. reference to new or something that has never been seen before; something special or beautiful.

the term goes most often with “buggyface”
lily is out of this world. i have never met anyone like her in the entire world she’s such an ethereal beauty. she is a such a “buggy”!
a buggy is a fan of jake bugg, just like beliebers and directioners.
directioners: oh my gawd, jake bugg is soooo mean! 1d is the best!!!
buggy: just admit he’s right, one direction are terrible…

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