the finest rolling tobacco known to man. comes with 40 papers that are perfect for spliffs.

often seen around college campuses due to it’s extreme inexpensiveness (about 4.59 for .65 oz).
you got any bugler, man? i need my daily spliff.
‎1. excessive elbow useage, usually aimed at the ribs of someone.
2. saying inappropriate things to girls
3. spilling people’s drinks everywhere
4. any other clumsy act usually involving chemicals
5. unnecessary showering
1. “generic bad joke, dya get it??” -buglering in the ribs-

2. person 1: “your hair looked nicer yesterday”

person 2: “that was such a bugler of a statement, you just don’t get girls at all do you??”

3. person 1: “mate can you p-ss me my drink”

person 2: “sure let me just grab it – oh sh-t”

person 1: “ffs you just bugler’d my drink onto the floor!”

4. every lab has a bugler, as soon as they walk in something will go wrong/explode/implode/spill/melt. all chemical labs should have anti-bugler warning signs.
stingy b-st-rd
man you’re so bugler
the act of using the chips known as bugels to finger your girlfriend. aftera few minutes dispose of the delicious chips and begin to eat her p-ssy, thus combining the 2 greatest tastes in the world, bugels and p-ssy.
i gave the bugler to my girlfriend last night, it was awesome.
– a man that like sucking d-ck, a man who smokes c-ck like he is playing the bugle.
keith menches
a man who loves smoking c-ck
keith menches

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