a good idea.

derived from cl-ssic cartoons when the characters have a lightbulb appear above their head when they have an idea.
guy #1: “i’m bored”
guy #2: “let’s go paintballing!”
guy #1: “good bulbs man!”
is a person who is an absolute dimwit.used in liverpool,uk.can be used when they are also useless in most every day scenarios.
i told you before that he is an absolute bulb, so stay away from him.
n. a light bulb, although usually used for lamps and such, can be used to smoke meth.
“hey are you p-ssin’ that bulb around? can i get a hit?”
general term for well meaning but unreliable person, often intelligent but pr-ne to lapses in concentration and brain function.
i see andy is late getting to the pub again?
i doubt he’ll show up, you know what a bulb he is.
a small, 1 serve cannister of nitrous oxide used for getting a kinda fun, but quite pathetic 5 minute high.
possibly puts bubbles in your brain.
“keen for a bulb?”
“let’s go do some bulbs.”
the head of a circ-msized erect p-n-s if of greater girth than the shaft.
look at the bulb on that dude! it twice the circ-mference of his c-ck!
a bulb is somebody who has difficulty forming thoughts and sentences on his own, yet insists on doing so on a public forum.

(by @cgawker on twitter)
a: “haaaaaiiiiiii sweettttttyyyyyyyyyy!”
b: “dude, that a is a total bulb.”

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