Bull feathers

“bull feathers” is an interjection used to express disbelief. the concept is similar to “preposterous,” which suggests that such an undeniable contradiction exists in the -ssertion being challenged that it cannot possibly be believed. in this case, the contradiction is clear: there is quite obviously no such thing as a bull with feathers.
douchebag: you know, i got with this really hot chick last night and i’m totally not gay.
critic: bull feathers!
instead of saying ‘bull cr-p’ or any other term, use ‘bullfeathers’ around the ‘bad word’ freaks and you’ll be safe.
person1: hey, did you remember the camera?
person2: bullfeathers! i forgot it!
a person who wears a bullfeather is a person whose wife or girlfriend has cheated on him. the term comes from the “horns” on a cuckold — the horn being the closest thing a bull has to a feather.

just about any joke involving horns was considered hilariously funny through the 19th century, because everyone knew it meant the guy was a fool who was being cheated on — the worst social disgrace for a man of that era.
john’s wife is having an affair with peter quincy — can’t you see the bullfeathers on his head

richard’s girl sleeps with every guy in town. what a bullfeather he is!

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