a word used by philly cats to describe a male friend or male person.
your bull is looking for you.
who dat bull on the corner?
my bull is at the party right now.
short for “bull sh-t”, or “bull cr-p”, meaning rubbish
“that’s complete bull, that is”
a s-xually dominant male who, for fun or financial gain, cuckolds and humiliates husbands while servicing their wives.
my wife and i are new to kink and bsdm, but watching that bull with her for hours was the most impressive thing i’ve ever seen.
the male, usually black, who has s-x with a married woman
the bull f-cked her while her cuckold husband watched
the best basketball team ever. even with jordan gone, they bring life and complete awesomeness to the nba. kirk hinrich, ben gordon and tyson chandler are literally superheroes. kirk looks like me too! 🙂
“come watch the t.v. with us!”
“sorry i’m so tired, i dont know if i’ve ever been this tired before..”
“the bulls game is on though!”
“im coming!!!!!”
any law organization which holds authority.
joe- “don’t bring him!”
chris- “why not?”
joe- “he’ll bring the bulls with him”

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