v. the act of adding a bulletin to mysp-ce or other online networking site.
sorry bob, i was bulletining so i couldn’t reply to your im.

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  • bulligoshy

    oh my gosh thats bull sh-t jess: i had s-x with him last night sabb: bulligoshy jess: no really i did

  • bullschmidt

    a story that is so ridiculous one may only shake their head and laugh at it person 1: dude i have 32 guns at my house and 84 bow and arrows…………oh and i blow sh-t up like all the time! person 2: bullschmidt!!!!

  • bullsh*tzu

    a long way of say bullsh-t, that authority cannot get mad at you for saying, becuase it is not a bad word student 1: “i boned kiera last night” student 2: “bullsh-tzu!” teacher: “hey! oh wait a minute, that’s not a bad word”

  • bulluccino bomb

    a bulluccino mixed with a shot of jagermeister it’s going to be a crazy night… joey mixed up some bulluccino bombs before we went out

  • b*mp a taxi

    the art of using a taxi and then failing to pay the driver, often resulting in being chased by the driver or been cautioned by the police. popular sport with people from fife “how we getting home, we’ve no money!” “don’t worry,we’ll just b-mp a taxi”

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