when in the midst or right when you penetrate a women, you do not have to move the p-n-s along the v-g-n-, for you found it the instant you penetrated. in laymen’s terms, “you found the cervix hole the first time and penetrated.”
yo man, last night, i gave so much pleasure, and i was lucky; i even got a bullseye!
hitting upon that “sweet spot” or position that does it so completely for your partner they flip their noodle; for about (an hour) they will revere you as a god/dess.
wow!! bullseye!, baby! 2 thumbs & 2 legs up!”
a tatoo on the lower back of a person (hopefully female) that is in the cross-hairs of man’s -rg-sm.
i missed the bullseye last night. i will give it another try tonight!
an expression used when an incredibly accurate shot has been made. used commonly in fps games and in the military.
guy 1: “dude i did a headshot with this cr-ppy handgun!”
guy 2: “haha! bullseye!”
said by eric cartman on the show south park after he as successfully turned himself into a r-t-rd to win the prize money in the special olympics.
“bullseye” cartman said as he looked at himself in the mirror.
when a perfectly rolled joint is placed into a bong or bowl vertically and marijuana is packed around the outside of the joint. the doobie is lit like a birthday candle, and when it is smoked far enough down, the marijuana that was packed around the sides becomes lit; causing an almost guaranteed, stoned, coughing experience.
yo, lets pack a bullseye, i’m trying to get f-cked up!
1. having perfect aim in archery.

2. understanding something perfectly

3. hitting the spot during s-x.
1. rylee perfectly hot the the bullseye during archery lessons.

2. paisley finally under stood what lexie ment when she said watch the birds. she asked if she was correct and lexie repliled bullseye.

3. derek hit lily’s spot and she started screaming with pleasure. i found the bullseye he thought
when a male makes his partner (male or female) reach -rg-sm solely by penile penetration and no external stimulus (hands, mouth etc).
dude, we only had time for a quickie, but i totally hit a bullseye…fifth time this week.

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