a witty speech act in which one uses bullsh-t to turn an undesirable event into an immensely favorable situation.
she declined his s-xual proposition, but he bullshined his way into her sopping wet loins.

o-dog was going to prison for crack possession, but he bullshined the jury.

fox news is bullshining current events again.
a gloss of appetizing bullsh-t to cover up some seriously sickening other sh-t, i.e. euphemistic spin of something that the bullshiner (one who applys bullshine to something) is trying to cover up
hospitals explaining the consolidation of care as coordinating care for better patient care (the bullshine), when really they are consolidating so as to gather bargaining power with insurance companies (the sickening other sh-t that needs to be covered up).
work-safe and broadcast-safe synonym of bullsh-t.
person 1: “have you heard about that guy who slept with 200 women?”

person 2: “yeah, whatever, that’s a load of ‘bullshine’!”

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