one’s -ss, encomp-ssing the sphinctral and gluteal area.
don’t touch my b-mbar-ss!

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  • dirty blues

    this term refers to blues music (often very lo-fi at the time) running back as early as the 1930s (probably even before then) that has very s-xually explicit and/or suggestive (“blue”) lyrics. these are all very old blues songs whose pract-tioners extolled the use of drugs, the pleasure of s-x, etc. many such songs stand […]

  • bumditty

    someone who gets head from guy hey, im b-mditty, give me head sir

  • bumdown

    the point of contact between the b-ttocks and the toilet seat immediately before a bowel movement is commenced put my newspaper in the toilet as b-mdown will commence in t minus 30 seconds

  • bumflake

    a word to say somebody, somthing or someone is eg:gay f-git sh-thead bolix etc. its basicly swearing at someone without acctaualy swearing,but its funny but it can also be used with swearwords example1 dude:”hey man” dude:”hey man” dude:”hey man” dude2:”shut up b-mflake” example2 dude:”wanna go somewere?” dude:”hey you wanna go somewere!” dude:”h-lllooooo?” dude2:”shut up you […]

  • Mackinaw Peaches

    the fictional “mackinaw peach” from oregon which is ripe for only two weeks a year, according to kramer from the sitcom, “seinfeld”. kramer: well there in! jerry: whats in? kramer: the mackinaw peaches jerry! the mackinaw peaches! jerry: oh, right, the ones from oregon that are only ripe for two week a year?

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