to continously beg or ask after s-x
she continued to b-mbug me for money

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  • burn note

    a burn note is much like a suicide letter. but the person writing it does not intend to commit suicide. once it is written they will destroy it. (eg: burn it… duh) ella wrote a burn note, then threw it in a fire.

  • canadalicious

    describes a beautiful woman in ontario. tara is the epitome of canadalicious.

  • chauncey mchamhands

    referring to a person lacking in dexterity or a soft touch who ends up destroying something they were intending to handle with care. i gave that bag of cookies to ric to open but chauncey mchamhands ended up destroying the bag and leaving us with crumbs!

  • chicken salading

    when one covers a male or female with mayonnaise and slaps him or her with raw chicken cutletts. chicken salading is really in with the kids lately.

  • c*ckurtunity

    the possibility of being able to hook up or have s-xual relations with a male partner at any given time. c-ck+opportunity the opposite gender of p-ss-bility. katy seems to have a c-ckurtunity with her boss tonight.

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