bumped uglies

another world of having s-x
janice:over the years, none of you ever got drunk and stupid?

joey:well, that’s really adifferent question.

janice:i can’t believe a group of people who spends this much time together has never b-mped uglies

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  • b*mperballed

    when your v-g-n-l area is being attacked by a man’s b-lls durring s-x. “ow, you just b-mperballed me. ewwwwww”

  • b*mwash

    less aggressive term for describing something that is generally sh-t and can be compared to the cleanliness of one’s -rs-. the jonas brothers’ singing is f–kin’ b-mwash!

  • bunced

    being bunced is when someone hits you or you get hit. a bunce. “ouch! i got bunced!” -standing in a crowded queue- “terry, that old woman just bunced me!”

  • bundy mimosa

    beer and tang. “beer and tang? you’re making bundy mimosas!” – al bundy, married with children.

  • bung onion

    a bung onion is when a girl farts while a guy is eating her out. the wafts cause the guy’s eyes to water. eating out my b-tch was great until she surprised me with a bung onion, at which point my tears glistened her sn-tch.

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