to suck up or over-impress a popular person or group to achieve a higher status in life, this usually results with the b-msuck being rejected or ignored by the person/group (not to be mistaken with literally suck someones -rs-).
“hey, it’s that b-msuck who tries to be funny in front of the cool kids!”
to heavily drool on the end of a cigerette, most possibly one you are sharing with a friend or work coleage
“omfg!! oh my f-cking god, poppy! look how much you’ve b-msucked it! your sk-nking me! your sk-nking me, mate! you’ve gotta pay me back for all of that! that’s 17p please! you’re twisting my melons, man!! look how much you’ve b-msucked it. quit sk-nking me!”
to have f-ll-t– performed on oneself by a person or persons lacking in permenent residence.
hobo harry had to perform b-msuck on dangerous dan in order to obtain the vial of crack cocaine.
to be a suck up or -rs- licker
u my friend are a ubmsuck
someone who constantly changes wot he says just so ppl will like them. see also tag along
oh he such a b-m suck

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