living a double life in order to acheive material or superficial goals. goals such as hooking up with girls….. hmm i guess thats about all bunberryings good for.

this is an interpretation of the word from oscar wilde’s “the importance of being earnest”
jp: i wanna hook up with brianna and shundt
t-to: i wanna hook up with sara and adele
jp: well then lets go bunberrying! we’ll go out with the holy child girls friday night, then the ncs girls sat-rday night.
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from the play “the importance of being earnest” written by oscar wilde. it comes specifically from one of the main characters who has an imaginary “friend”, mr. bunberry, who he uses as an excuse to get out of town and get into mischief.
algernon and jack discover that they have both been “bunberrying”, that is, -ssuming different ident-ties in order to enjoy themselves in a guilt-free manner.

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