bup bup bup

used to fill the sp-ce when you can’t decide what to say. said by princess bubblegum from the show “adventure time.”
-peaceful pause- “… bup bup bup…” -confused expression-

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  • soft tears

    the tears you shed between not crying and sobbing – silently crying. not very intensely. i was binge-watching grey’s but i had to stop cause every other episode i would cry soft tears.

  • Bandit's Jackpot

    a bandit’s jackpot is what happens when a fecal expulsion resembles the winnings of a slot machine. that sh-t was horrible, it was like i won the skegness lottery, proper bandit’s jackpot.

  • Bragatha Christie

    when someone boasts and brags about themselves so arrogantly that they should karmatically be a victim in an agatha christie story. the way he continues to gloat about himself like he isn’t flawed just shows how much of a bragatha christie he really is. #bragging #boasting #arrogant #conceited

  • one dance

    flash; showing of b–bs i need a one dance before we got off facetime.

  • Jacob Meadowcroft

    a hater of jacob sartorius although they share the same p-ssion being annoying and hating on eachother i hate jacob sartorius like every other normal human being – jacob meadowcroft

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